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International Association against Image Discrimination
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About us

The International Association Against Image Discrimination ("IAAID") is a human rights and public policy not-for-profit organization. We do analysis, advocacy and public education on ways to improve human rights enforcement and help eradicate discrimination due to misguided perceptions of a person's image in society. We aim to promote the idea of being one world with "no exclusion" due to social misconceptions. We are doing that across the full range of vocal and visual international efforts available to us.

Born in 2010, The International Association against Image Discrimination began through an effort and partnership of over 50 international associations and NGO's that wish to help eradicate image discrimination in society.

A week-long campaign entitled "RefleXions" was launched in May 2010, which was themed on an education of different types of social injustices due to image discrimination."RefleXions" aims to become a yearly week-long event where education, further inclusion and a celebration of difference is showcased through many different mediums in order to reach the widest audience possible.

What Is Image Discrimination?

The preconceived notion of cultural medias standards of image do not permit to establish natural differences between people. These notions not only create prejudice to acceptance, but also have a considerable impact on an individual's image, creating stereotypes and how they are perceived within society.

Our mission is to educate and help eradicate social injustices created by image discrimination in society. A person is subjected to thousands of images daily, through different forms of print, vocal or visual mediums, and images have been shown to greatly influence society towards discrimination, stereotypes, prejudice and social injustices.The International Association against Image Discrimination aims to fight for a more responsible society in regards to discrimination against the image a person projects on the population. Any entity or medium that does not adhere to that responsibility ,will not go unchallenged.

What we do

The International Association against Image discrimination uses as many mediums as possible to get it's message across. We will be motivating advocacy with some of the most efficient tools in order to help fight Image discrimination. Media awareness movements, public speaking,research, advertising, global campaigns, visual and printed presentations are some of the methods being presently used to help end social injustices created by image discrimination in society.

Take Action

Here are some of the steps you can take in order to help and explore ways to stand up against image discrimination. Start a group through social networks, tell a friend, set up community meetings, support events, volunteer, or help through a donation. There are many things you can do, and ways you can help, in order to help society advance towards a better tomorrow. Start making a difference and take action!